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Quartz countertops maintenance method

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Quartz countertops maintenance method: In a timely manner to clean the stain and Regular waxing.

Because the quartz that hardness and density is higher, compared with the artificial stone not easily bleeding, quartz clean frequency need according to the usage condition of the consumers, can also be a week as a unit for a cleaning and maintenance, The key maintenance once a year.

Quartz stone cleaning and maintenance methods:

Quartz countertop can be use washing product to Cleaning, After scrubbing can use the family car wax or furniture wax coating on the surface , stay dry friction back and forth with dry cloth later, This will add a layer of protective film to countertop.

Special note is the place where countertop spelling a seam , if there is a stain on timely scrub it.

In particular need to be aware of is the mesa juncture place if there is stain timely scrub it, and to give emphasis here waxing, possible here waxing frequency can be high.

If you have any bleeding quartz countertops at home and under the condition of your bad cleaning, You can contact with professional production factory use quartz powder to clean up.

Conclusion: although the quartz is hard, but no maintenance good, will also appear problem.