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Quartz Characteristic and Application

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Artificial quartz derived first from Italy, Spain, and other European countries, Entering China in 2005. quartz stone has rapidly enjoyed a worldwide preference.


Characteristic Of Herostone Quartz surface


1.Heat Resistance


2.Scratch Resistance




4.Anti Aging






8.Anti Corruption


    The use of quartz stone

Quartz stone is the major material of quartz, it is rich in color so that it will have a combination of natural beauty and texture of the stone surface. With the characteristic of quartz stone, quartz stone countertops have rich colors, can be widely used in public buildings (hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, exhibition, laboratories, etc.) and home decoration (Kitchen table, vanities, kitchen wall, table, coffee table, windowsill, etc.). Quartz stone is a non-radioactive environmental-friendly building materials.