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Quartz countertops buying guide

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Compared with natural stone and artificial stone, buy quartz countertops relatively less, But actually quartz countertops is also very suitable for cabinet tops of a material, Herostone will count the advantages and disadvantages of quartz countertops, and its general price on the market.

Advantages of quartz: Quartz high hardness ,Hardness is second only to diamond in nature; Quartz, resistance to high temperature, melting point at 1300 ° above, High purity quartz (93%) are completely flame retardant;  Quartz is made in vacuum conditions inside out are the same and dense without holes of composite materials, So the surface of the kitchen, such as acid and alkali has excellent corrosion resistance, in addition to the above said, the advantages of quartz and impact resistance, easy to clean, and in this era of pay attention to household green environmental protection, Quartz countertops does not contain radioactive elements have a harm to human body, so get the favour of many families.

Disadvantage of quartz: The disadvantage of quartz, the most main is the price is higher.

Quartz countertops and how much will it cost?

Price is also important elements should consider when people choose and buy goods,  So what is the price of quartz?  Quartz compared to other cabinet countertop material, its prices are higher, But the quality of quartz, the good and bad are intermingled in the market,  in general prices range from 35USD-500USD. If you sure you want to use quartz countertops, when the choose and buy must pay attention to quality, you see what you buy and remember what you pay for.